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We design and manufacture high quality area rugs. Our products range from artisan-made handcrafted rugs to machine-made synthetic fiber rugs. We also produce flat-weaves, patio rugs, tapestries, natural fibers and prints.
A consistent theme across all of our rugs is that they are designed to be best in class quality and value. Our quality and value is primarily derived through our control of the yarns and fibers that we use. Whether it is spinning the finest quality wool yarns or heat-setting the finest microfiber polyester, we control the quality of our raw materials which helps us offer better quality and value.   ​
Browse the photo gallery to get a glimpse of some of our important rug categories. We are confident that we can find a rug solution for every room in every home.



We have diversified our home textile portfolio to include bath rugs, fashion accent rugs, utility kitchen rugs, table linens and decorative pillows.
Bath Rugs - We are a market leader in cotton and cotton-blend bathrugs, microfiber polyester bathrugs and woven bathmats. As with our other product categories, our excellence in bathrugs begins with our expertise in yarn spinning and extrusion. We control the raw materials that we put in resulting in highest quality and best value products. 
Fashion accent and Kitchen utility rugs - Owing to our superior design skills and product diversity, we offer a very wide selection of high fashion and high performance accent rugs to be used in all areas of the home. 
Table linens - We are a primary resource for woven (hand-made and jacquard tapestry) placemats and runners for the US market. With one of world's largest weaving infrastructure, we are able to create a variety of weaves and warp combinations to cater to different looks and retail price points.
Decorative pillows - We offer a curated line of woven and printed decorative pillows to complement and coordinate with our area and accent rugs. We use our design skills and manufacturing capabilities to carve out a niche within a highly competitive product category.  
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